What is the best 3D Printer?

What is the best 3D Printer?

I think that is a question on everyone’s mind if they are shopping for a new 3D printer.

I have found this very interesting guide about the best 3D printers for 2015 from 3D Hubs.


They have broken it down into a few categories and listed the best printers in each category.


For the 3D Printer Enthusiast 

“Printers in this category are for anyone looking for a reliable machine that consistently produces high quality prints. These are straightforward machines that allow for flexible upgrades and modifications. Here you’ll find an active community ready to help you troubleshoot when your tinkering goes astray. Printers in this category are best suited for hobbyists, designers, and even small businesses. This category is the largest as there were 5 high-scoring Printers within range of each other.”

Makergear M2

Flashforge Creator Pro

Ultimaker 2


4th generation Lulzbot Taz


The Plug ‘n Play Category

“These Printers are the easiest to use and work straight out of the box. Characterized by reliable print quality, low failure rates and great customer support, this group is perfect for quality conscious beginners. The trade-offs are limited modifications and room to experiment.”

Zortrax’s M200


UP Plus 2



Kit or DIY Printers

“Not for the faint hearted, those interested in tinkering and getting their hands dirty will find the most satisfaction from a DIY or Kit Printer. Born out of fablabs, maker spaces and garages around the world, the open source community forms the backbone of these Printers. While difficult to assemble there is no loss on print quality, but much to be gained from adding upgrades or making modifications. This is a long term investment, expect the ups and downs of a committed relationship as you become accustomed to each others quirks.”

Rostock MAX



Ultimaker Original+



Budget Printers

“Want to get into 3D Printing without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place. Value for money is the name of the game and you’d be surprised by how feature rich these budget Printers are. Whether you’re a student, just getting started or don’t want to build from scratch, Printers in this category are for you.”

Printrbot Simple Metal

Sharebot KIWI

Flashforge Creator

UP Mini


Resin Printers

“Similarly to James Bond, resin based Printers have a different way of working. These technologies use an optical power source to cure liquid resin into a solid object. While more expensive and extra handling care needs to be taken, the print quality and precision are unmatched. These type of Printers are ideal for professionals, for uses ranging from casting jewelry to device prototyping.”


Form 1+

B9 Creator



To read the full article please have a look here at the 2015 3D Printer guide

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