Win $2000 with NASA and GrabCad’s 3D Print Challenge

You can Win $2000 by designing a part for the NASA space station and then get it actually printed.

How cool will that be if your design end up on the space station, not to mention the price money.

Open from now until February 17, the NASA Handrail Clamp Assembly Challenge is seeking designs for a complementary HCA now used as a rigid mounting device by astronauts in microgravity. Referred to as the CHAMP (for Handrail with Additively Manufactured Parts), the device will both help NASA better understand microgravity’s effect on FDM 3D printing, while providing the folks on the ISS with a practical tool.  The CHAMP will be attached to the handrail running throughout the ISS, providing a method for attaching clamps for a variety of purposes.

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To find out more info and the specs of the design please have a look at the GrabCAD website for more detail HERE: This is also a good place to see other contestants submissions and to get some ideas for your design. You also have to submit your design before the deadline of 17 February.

All the best with the brainstorming and testing of your 3D printable design ideas for the space station.

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