3D Printed Pokeballs

3D Printed Pokeballs

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Beehive entrance queen excluder – 3D Printed

Beehive entrance queen excluder - 3D Printed

Get your 3D Printed items made today. We will professionally print them for you.


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3D Printing is the current upcoming technology that is busy changing the world.


We will print all your designs.
If you downloaded it from Thingiverse of if you designed it yourself.
We can help you and get your designs printed and brought to life.





Please buy this product and then send us your files to be printed.
We can print in various colors from white to red and blue to black and grey and many more. Please ask for the color you want.
We can print in ABS and PLA and Hips and even specialized Wood and bronze filaments.
The print size we can do is about 240 x 270 x 160 and larger parts can be split up and printed in multi-parts.








Please consider the purchase price as part of your order and we will use this purchase price as the setup fee for your printing.
A final quote will be sent to you after we received the stl printer files from you.





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