Super Large Prusa I3 - 3D Printer Complete Assembled - 3D Printing SA - 1

Super Large Prusa I3 – 3D Printer Complete Assembled


New 3D printer stepper motor controller – Speedy

New 3D printer stepper motor controller - Speedy - 3D Printing SA - 1

Super Large Reprap Prusa I3 – 3D Printer Kit



This is one of the most complete do it yourself 3D printer kits offered in South Africa! We even pre-cut and assemble the wiring so this kit is soldering free! All the wiring you need to do is to plug all the connectors into the correct place. Perfect for building with kids!
Includes everything you need, just add plastic filament!



What’s Included:

  • Laser Cut Prusa i3 Frame (We pre-drill and tap all the holes in this frame for this kit to make your assembly much quicker and smoother with less chance of a small mistake ruining your build!)
  • Prusa i3 Printed Parts
  • Greg’s Wade Prusa i3 adapted extruder + Springs
  • Hobbed Bolt for Greg’s Wade extruder
  • Assembled J-Head Hotend with 40W heater cartridge and 100k 1% thermistor
  • RAMPS 1.4 Printer Electronics Kit (RAMPS 1.4 board + Arduino Mega + 4x A4988 stepper motor drivers)
  • Prusa i3 Stepper Motor Kit (3x NEMA17 609 and 2x NEMA17 809 Stepper Motors)
  • GT2 Timing Belt Kit
  • Bearing Kit for Prusa i3 (10x LM8uu, 3x 608zz, 2x 624zz)
  • Stainless Steel Smooth Rod Kit
  • Threaded Rod Kit
  • All Screws/Nuts/Bolts needed for assembly
  • Heated Print Bed
  • 270x250mm Aluminium print bed + Springs
  • Instructions, Advice and Support from our experienced friendly team of electronic and mechanical engineers! 




What do you need?

  1. Time, Patience and the willingness to learn! While our kit should go together quickly in the hands of an average maker(a day or two on average), please remember that home desktop 3D printing is quite a learning curve and will require a lot of experimentation to learn the ins and outs of getting a high quality print! Things will go wrong, you will make mistakes and you will need to invest some time to get good prints
  2. Basic hand tools: Screwdrivers, Spanners/Sockets, Pliers, Side Cutters, Hand Drill for cleaning up printed parts etc.
  3. A soldering iron and associated skill is NOT required for our kit, but we recommend investing in one along with a multimeter to help you fix broken connections and troubleshoot electronic problems that may occur in the future.



Why is our kit THE BEST?!

  • We do all the wiring for you! Unlike other suppliers priced similarly or even several thousand rand more, we prepare most of the wiring for you. This is no easy task, especially for beginners. ATX power supply is modified for use, motor wires are extended and connectors crimped, thermistors are wired and crimped etc etc. No one else offers a kit as electronically ‘Plug and Play’ as ours.
  • Our kit is the most complete kit for
  • The Prusa Iteration 3 is the latest most up to date design around, giving the perfect balance between affordability, ease of assembly, performance and simplicity of design. We always stay up to date with the latest trends and additions, updating our kit as soon as parts have been through our testing process.
  • Our electronics require zero assembly or soldering. Simply build your printer, connect the plugs and sockets into the correct places as per the provided wiring diagram/documentation then finally connect to your PC and upload the operating firmware! It won’t be long from there until you are printing!
  • We provide full documentation for the build, handy online resources and full friendly support during your build should you get stuck. We request that support questions are emailed and make reference to the section of the build guide that you are having problems with.


Which Nozzle should I choose?

For beginners 0.5mm is best or 0.4mm if you are after a little better detail on small objects at the expense of print time (smaller nozzle means more time to print the same object).
3mm filament works well with both these nozzles and is more forgiving to work with. 0.3mm nozzles are for slow printing high detailed objects and is best combined with 1.75mm filament as this gives the extruder more precise control of the volume of filament extruded. 0.3mm nozzles can be difficult to setup, we don’t recommend 0.3mm nozzles for beginners! They provide a large amount of back pressure, thus your extruder needs to be setup well and are for more experienced users.
If you are interested in moving to 0.3mm one day, then we would suggest going with a 0.4mm/1.75mm setup to get you started.
The all metal hotends are a fantastic locally made product.
These hotends are only for 1.75mm filament but feature interchangeable nozzles in 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5mm allowing for easy upgrades.
Due to the nature of the all metal hotend, high print temperatures are possible.
This opens the door for exotic filaments such as Nylon etc.The hotend comes fully assembled with heater cartridge and thermistor if you choose the upgrade.
If you want extra nozzle’s please add these to your order as a separate line item from the hotend category page.
What software does it use? Is it free?
All the software that our printers run on is completely free! There are many options out there for running your printer, we use Marlin firmware on our RAMPS 1.4 boards which is open source. On the PC side we use Repetier-Host to communicate with the printer and control it. Repetier-Host also comes withSlic3r built in, our first choice for slicing your models.
The Fine Print:
We need about 1 working week lead time to print your parts and check your order. Usually we have parts pre-printed and ship within two to three days. Please note, the 1 working week lead-time still applies even though this product shows as ‘in stock’ as you could otherwise not order it. If you select overnight shipping, we will ship overnight rather than standard post, but only once we have printed and checked your kit
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