Reusable 3D Printing Spool – Digital Download


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Reusable 3D Printing Spool – Digital Download

Simply add this FREE digital stl files to your shopping card and proceed with checkout.
Once done you will get access to these FREE files.

Simply print them in PLA or your filament of choice and away you go.

Recommended 3D printer settings:
Layer Height 0.28mm
Line Width 0.4mm
Print Speed 70mm/s
Infill 20%
Total Print Time: +-20 Hours
Total Weight: +/- 200g 

Once you have printed your spool (parts A and B) follow these easy steps:

  1. Place the two parts on a flat surface.
  2. Take the replacement filament roll, remove the plastics shrink wrap and take note of the 3 cable ties used to secure it.
  3. Place the cardboard core over spool B, ensuring the 3 cable ties match up with the slots designed for them.
  4. Screw Spool A into spool B ensuring that it “locks” in tight.
  5. Find the end of the filament and secure it into the designed holes on the edge of the spool.
  6. Using your side cutters, cut the cable ties and remove them from the spool.
  7. You are ready to go!
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