Super Large Reprap Prusa I3 - 3D Printer Kit - 3D Printing SA - 1

Super Large Reprap Prusa I3 – 3D Printer Kit


ARBBOT 30X30 Dual Color Extruder

Original price was: R22000,00.Current price is: R19200,00.
ARBBOT 30X30 Dual Color Extruder - 3D Printing SA - 1

New 3D printer stepper motor controller – Speedy



This new stepper motor controller called Speedy is very popular and sells fast. Please ask about stock availability before ordering.

 Speedy is a stepper motor controller based on the awesome open source hardware CNC controller board SmoothieBoard. 

Speedy was developed on request with the need for 32 microsteps / step with fast decay.  The board is based on an NXP LPC 1769 32bit Cortex-M3 running at 120MHz.

The PCB layout was completely redesigned including some subtle changes.

The stock SmoothieBoard firmware is used.

  • Drag and drop firmware updates.
  • Config changes via USB – no firmware tweaking.
  • USB composite – CDC serial and Mass storage.
  • Ethernet control – for PC-less printing.
  • Micro SD.
  • 8 Mosfet outputs – 4 x low current and 4 x high current.
  • 8V – 24V.
  • 4 Thermistor inputs.
  • 6 End stops – 3V3 or 5V.
  • I2C, UART, SPI break-out connectors.


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