Air Force Blue SA Filament PLA for 3D Printers

Air Force Blue SA Filament PLA for 3D Printers


RAMPS SD Card Module

RAMPS SD Card Module - 3D Printing SA


3D Printing PLA 50m Sample Filament

This is PLA 1,75mm 3D printing filament for your 3D printer. (or 3D Printing Pen)
This will work on all printers that can print PLA.

Each colors is 50 meters long. It will be rolled up and fastened with cable ties to keep it together.
You can choose how many colors you need and it will all be shipped together.
This is filament from our most popular supplier and the most popular colors.

This is an ideal way to get a lot of colors without buying full rolls.
Just get the required color for that small part.

Typical PLA  printing temperature is between 190 and 230 deg Celsius.
A heated print bed is not required but if you have one it will help to keep your prints on the build platform.

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