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Leaders Of The 3D Printing Revolution

Leaders Of The 3D Printing Revolution     Shapeways and Thingiverse is shaping the way the 3D printing industry is changing.  Today you can get almost anything printed at Shapeways or you can download it from Thingiverse and print is yourself or get a friend to do it.3D printing shops and services is springing up […]

Get Better pictures with a 3D Printed Camera Stabilizer.

Now Outdoor enthusiast can get better pictures by 3D Printing their own Camera Stabilizer.   “Thanks to 3D printing, a little bit of creativity, and the idea of a few young, sports enthusiasts, it is now possible to take digital footage without the shaky features that come with using a handheld camera. LUUV is a […]

Will 3D Printing change South Africa?

  We at 3D Printing South Africa was wondering how much this new technology will change the world around us. If you are reading this you probably have heard about 3D printing, but do you realize the potential it has and how disruptive this new technology can be? Image by Dizingof via Flickr   Have […]